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Vehicles are notorious for needing routine maintenance or repairs and, when you find yourself in need of service, it may be difficult to find a place that will not only treat your vehicle like their own, but will also treat you with the respect and honesty that you deserve. If you're looking for such a place, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to our Morong Falmouth Mazda service center.


Why Choose Morong Falmouth Mazda For My Service Needs?


We, here at Morong Falmouth Mazda will have your vehicle repaired, maintained, or tuned-up in no time. We offer a well-kept facility, a fully stocked parts department, and plenty amenities for you to enjoy while you wait. Our technicians are highly-trained and have worked many combined years on every body style and model available and are continually training to increase their knowledge as new features are introduced.


What Type Of Services Do We Offer?


Whether you're in need of routine maintenance, a larger repair, a body shop fix, or winterization service, our service center is here to help. Some of our more frequent routine maintenance services include:

  • Oil Changes - Depending on your vehicle, you most likely will need to have your vehicle's oil changed every 5,000-miles or six-months. If you ignore an oil change your oil may get too thin or too sludgy and damage your engine, so we recommend having it changed as needed.
  • Tire Rotations - As you drive your tires will wear; it's inevitable. If you rotate your tires you can ensure that they wear evenly so that you get the most out of your tires and won't have to spend more money on new ones as often. This should be done every time you have your oil changed.
  • Alignments - We've all run into a pothole and thought, "that didn't sound good". If the pothole did more than make a loud sound, you may need an alignment. If you're vehicle tends to steer one way while you're driving straight, schedule an alignment appointment.
  • Brake Inspections - If you've been noticing certain red flags, like shuddering when you apply the brakes or a loud squeal, then you should bring your vehicle to us and let us inspect your brakes. They may need to be repaired or have the brake pads replaced.
  • And More

Our larger repairs often include engine, transmission, a/c, suspension, or steering work and can sometimes be combined with our body shop to fix whatever exterior issues your vehicle may have. With any of our repairs, we will provide you with an honest estimate before we will begin, along with an estimated time-line, and will work diligently to reach this goal. If anything happens to go differently than planned we will contact you right away.


Schedule Your Service Appointment Online


Convenience is necessary these days and we know that your time, or what little you have left throughout the day, is important. That's why our online scheduling tool is perfect for your busy day-to-day life. Simply log into your account, make a guest appointment, or schedule the next available appointment and we will pencil you in.


Don't know what's wrong with your vehicle? Has your check engine light come on and you aren't sure why? Is your car making a weird noise, but you don't know where from? Schedule an appointment with us and let our technicians take a look. They will locate the problem, alert you to any issue, and get you safely back out on the road in time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or stop by our Morong Falmouth dealership, located in Falmouth ME and just outside of Portland ME, South Portland, Saco, and Brunswick ME. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make your vehicle like-new soon!


Your privacy is important to us.

Morong Falmouth Mazda takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

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