Are you noticing odd occurrences happening when you press on your brakes? It's not something to be ignored. Get your vehicle to the mechanic quick if you notice any of the following signs that something has gone amiss with your braking system:

Burning Smells: If you smell something burning, pull over quick! This can be a sign of your brakes overheating, and it is imperative that they cool before you continue on. Noticing smoke as well? You may need to call for a ride or roadside assistance until you can get your vehicle looked at.

Concerning Noises: Are you hearing strange and concerning sounds coming from your vehicle upon applying your brakes? Yikes! You'll want to get your vehicle to the mechanic as soon as possible, as this is often an indicator that your brakes are close to failure.

Brake Light: This one is easy. Does your car come equipped with a warning system that lets you know your brakes need attention? Take heed! Contact our service center before matters become worse.

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