What Are Some Tips For Test Driving A New Car?

It is the hope of Morong Falmouth Mazda in Falmouth, ME that all of our customers come to our showroom as informed consumers. This means knowing the importance of taking all of your potential cars out for a test drive. That is why we felt it would be important to give you a few tips that will help you maximize the usefulness of your next test drive.

First, we recommend that you test drive the car in the capacity that you will be using it most frequently. Do you live on a windy back road? Then take the car here first to test drive. Are most of your commute on an expressway? Then take the car to the closest highway to try it out.

Additionally, if you are an avid biker or love being in the outdoors, feel free to bring your bike or other gear along to see how it will fit in or on the new car.

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