Luxury, affordability, and convenience are sought after when investing in a new vehicle. Safety features have also become a top priority when making a selection. The ability to decrease the probability of collisions and accidents is a huge selling point.

Glaring lights can be a dangerous nuisance during late night runs or stormy days in Falmouth. The Troxler Effect is a result of being completely blinded by the glare. Adjusting your mirrors may work, but not often enough to rely on. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are an innovative feature that is now being built into most modern vehicles. The sensors detect the glare and automatically dims the light of the mirror to minimize the glare. The mirror will brighten once the glare is no longer detected.

We have several options available with auto-dimming rearview mirrors that fit various lifestyles. Drop by Morong Falmouth Mazda and let our team of professionals show you our vast selection of vehicles built with your safety in mind.


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