If it's difficult to start your car, the problem may not lie with your battery but with your starter. The starter draws an electrical current from the battery in order to start components within the engine turning. Composed of several parts, any one of which can fail, the starter plays an integral part in how your car functions.

Tell-tale signs that your starter is on its way out include a grating noise similar to the one you'll hear if you accidentally turn the starter again when your engine is already running. This should be addressed immediately, otherwise it will cause damage to the flywheel. If you see smoke or hear a spinning noise without your engine ever turning over, you should also have your starter immediately checked by a mechanic.

If you've noticed unmistakable signs that your starter is failing, bring your vehicle to Morong Falmouth Mazda, where we can take care of this or any other automotive issue you might be having.



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