Why You Need Winter Tires!

When snow falls and the roads get slick, don’t get caught slipping by using old and worn tires. Investing in winter tires can mean the difference between getting to your destination safely and being in a collision.

Some folks believe that all-season tires are simply good enough. This is not true! Winter tires have better snow traction than the average all-season tires. Even if your vehicle has all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, you still need to use winter tires!

Snow tires are actually made with a different rubber compound that is softer than other tires. This allows for added road grip and prevents slipping. Snow tires also have specially designed and optimized tread patterns that are engineered for snowy conditions.

When you side with snow tires, you are siding with safety and security. Don’t endanger yourself or others by driving with old and bald tires in the snow, use winter tires! Winter tires allow you adding stopping power and braking performance. When there is ice and slippery snow on the road, you have the potential to slip even at low speeds.

Reasons Why Folks Don’t Buy Snow Tires

There are a number of reasons why some drivers decide not to buy winter tires. The first reason, as always, is cost. Winter tires can easily run you around $1000 and this cost is astronomical for some working-class families. Although, winter tires can mean the difference between safety and collision, between life and death.

When it comes down to it, setting aside a portion of your savings during the summer months in anticipation of winter can make all the difference. A collision can cost you even more money in repairs, legal fees and possible fines. Don’t lose dollars by saving pennies, invest in a pair of snow tires! Folks can maintain the life of their snow tires by switching back to all-seasons during the off month. This maintain the tread on your tires and allows you to use them in later season!

Another reason some folks don’t buy winter tires is because they don’t have a place to store them in the off-season. For some, they already have a cluttered garage or shed that can’t fit anymore stuff. For other, they live in an apartment and can’t have a set of tires sitting in their living room. Folks should consult their local dealerships and ask if they provide tire storage. This is a service that more and more dealerships are offering. Call yours today!