Tis’ the Season to Get “i-ACTIV” About Winter At Morong Falmouth Mazda!


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With the amount of winter precipitation we see in the greater Portland area, we understand why it’s so easy to invoke that over-used quote from Game of Thrones. But those who understand the spirit of the adage may know that preparedness is key. Fortunately, our inventory of new CX-3 and CX-9 models have more than good looks and style beyond their respective price points going for them. With available i-ACTIV all-wheel drive equipped, they’re ready to take on whatever Old Man Winter has up his icy sleeves right out of the box.

Owing to Mazda’s holistic approach to designing and building mainstream cars with upscale assets and performance, the goal and values of their all-wheel drive system derive from Japanese tradition. One example is the concept of jinba ittai, which translates to “the Oneness of Horse and Rider,” and describes the synergy Mazda engineers hope a driver feels with their SUV or crossover in poor weather. But the brand has taken it a step further by researching human perception, to tune the i-ACTIV system to provide more than excellent all-weather grip, but a natural feeling of motion.

i-ACTIV Predictive All-Wheel Drive – How it Works
The results of the jinba ittai approach is a precise, controlled, and seamlessly-functioning driveline that feels just as good as it works, and has little impact on gas mileage. The only way to accomplish that was to make i-ACTIV a “predictive” system—or one that reacts to changing traction needs before they become problematic.

On a model like the CX-5, for example, a system of 27 sensors scan the road hundreds of times a second, collecting information on road slickness, temperature, and even wind conditions before processing them through an on-board computer. Thanks to the speed and amount of data collected, the i-ACTIV system can quickly strategize which axle will need more power to prevent wheel slip, and reroute the engine torque where and when it’s needed.

In addition to the EPA-estimated 31 mpg highway return on the 2018 CX-5 (now with cylinder deactivation for even better efficiency) when equipped with i-ACTIV AWD, you’re not just paying less for a good-looking crossover, but a smart driveline that offers better security than any other mainstream competitor. But as you traverse Maine’s wintery landscape this season, the natural, unobtrusive nature of this system might have you forgetting the snow-covered road ahead. That’s intelligence with a healthy dose of jinba ittai in action!

Whether you’re on the market for a new Mazda with the chops to take on our Falmouth, ME roads, or need the winter rubber for your current ride, we can help! Drop our showroom a line at your convenience by phone, or our contact form.

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